EverECO Eco-Friendly Food Containers: Biodegradable Tapioca Meal Box, Biodegradable Tapioca Cup, Biodegradable Pumpkin Decoration, Biodegradable Board manufacturer from Taiwan | EverECO Technology Co., Ltd.

EverECO is a tapioca-based biodegradable food packaging: Biodegradable Tapioca Meal Box, Biodegradable Tapioca Cup, Biodegradable Pumpkin Decoration, Biodegradable Board manufacturer from Taiwan since 2018. While PLA requires specific conditions for decomposition, tapioca can biodegrade in general soil conditions and has a higher temperature resistance (up to 100°C). This makes tapioca a more versatile and eco-friendly material

EverECO Technology Co., Ltd.

EverECO - Professional manufacturer of disposable food containers.


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Biodegradable Tapioca Cup - ECO Friendly Disposable cup supplier

Biodegradable Tapioca Cup

EverECO creates five different sizes of biodegradable tapioca cups. Five models are two kinds of 8oz,...

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Biodegradable Tapioca Lid - Biodegradable cup lid, tapioca cup lid supplier

Biodegradable Tapioca Lid

EverECO has launched two kinds of cup lids with different manufacturing processes. They are hot pressing...

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Biodegradable Tapioca Meal Box - biodegradable Tapioca meal box manufacturing

Biodegradable Tapioca Meal Box

EverECO launched meal boxes are 100% made of tapioca starch. The inside and outside of the meal box are printed...

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Biodegradable Tapioca Blank Decoration - Biodegradable Tapioca Blank Decoration supplier

Biodegradable Tapioca Blank Decoration

EverECO provides blank decoration to paint the color you like adding some joyful atmosphere at store...

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Tapioca Advertising Stand - Tapioca Advertising Stand supplier

Tapioca Advertising Stand

Be friends with the environment. EverECO creates biodegradable advertising stands to replace all non-environmentally...

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Sustainable Food Packaging for Business Manufacturer | EverECO

Based in Taiwan, EverECO Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholesale manufacturer of biodegradable food packaging containers. Their main tapioca-based food packaging products, including biodegradable tapioca meal boxes, biodegradable tapioca cups, biodegradable pumpkin decorations, and biodegradable trays, are environmentally friendly and sustainable. EverECO's eco-friendly food containers are perfect for food factories, central kitchens and restaurants looking to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on quality.

EverECO specializes in the manufacture and distribution of 100% biodegradable and compostable products. Their primary raw material is tapioca starch, which they have identified through extensive research. EverECO has obtained several international certifications, including DIN CERTCO and Seedling Mark, and holds patents in various countries for its unique molding and food-grade coating technologies. These achievements add credibility to their products and brand.

EverECO has been providing customers with biodegradable food packaging containers since 2018, both with advanced technology and 21 years of experience, EverECO ensures that each customer's requirements are met.