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EverECO specializes in creating eco-friendly, biodegradable food containers from tapioca starch, offering a robust and versatile product range suitable for a variety of food types. These include meal boxes, cups, lids, and more, all certified by international environmental standards. The products are designed to support businesses in their transition towards sustainable practices by providing reliable and temperature-resistant options, thus contributing to a reduction in plastic waste and environmental impact.

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Biodegradable Tapioca Cup - ECO Friendly Disposable cup supplier

Biodegradable Tapioca Cup

EverECO creates five different sizes of biodegradable tapioca cups. Five models are two kinds of 8oz,...

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Biodegradable Tapioca Lid - Biodegradable cup lid, tapioca cup lid supplier

Biodegradable Tapioca Lid

EverECO has launched two kinds of cup lids with different manufacturing processes. They are hot pressing...

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Biodegradable Tapioca Meal Box - biodegradable Tapioca meal box manufacturing

Biodegradable Tapioca Meal Box

EverECO launched meal boxes are 100% made of tapioca starch. The inside and outside of the meal box are printed...

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Biodegradable Tapioca Blank Decoration - Biodegradable Tapioca Blank Decoration supplier

Biodegradable Tapioca Blank Decoration

EverECO provides blank decoration to paint the color you like adding some joyful atmosphere at store...

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Tapioca Advertising Stand - Tapioca Advertising Stand supplier

Tapioca Advertising Stand

Be friends with the environment. EverECO creates biodegradable advertising stands to replace all non-environmentally...

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Top Biodegradable Solutions for Restaurants from EverECO

Founded in Taiwan in 2018, EverECO Technology Co., Ltd. is a pioneering manufacturer of biodegradable food containers made from tapioca starch. Our product line, including meal boxes, cups, lids, and decorative items, embodies our commitment to environmental sustainability. Certified by DIN CERTCO and bearing the Seedling mark, our containers guarantee quality and eco-friendliness. EverECO helps global businesses adopt sustainable practices, helping to reduce pollution and promote a greener future. Choose EverECO for innovative and reliable solutions in disposable food packaging.

EverECO Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of biodegradable food containers with a focus on sustainability and innovation. Our product range includes tapioca starch meal boxes, cups and decorative items designed to meet international environmental standards. By combining advanced manufacturing techniques with environmentally friendly materials, EverECO supports global efforts to reduce plastic waste and offers businesses environmentally conscious alternatives that don't compromise on quality or performance. Choose EverECO for reliable, environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

EverECO has been providing customers with sustainable packaging and eco-friendly products since 2018, both with advanced technology and 21 years of experience, EverECO ensures that each customer's requirements are met.